By Dick Biggs                                       

This book reveals the four Cs for acquiring and applying common sense and biblical wisdom to your life: Character (or the lack of it) influences choices. Choices determine conduct. Conduct produces consequences. Consequences are a reflection of character (or the lack of it), choices and conduct.

Price: $20 postpaid. Bulk pricing is available for ten+ copies.

“The study and application of this inspiring book’s principles and practices will equip you with the character and confidence to  achieve true success.”

–Dr. Michael Guido, founder, Guido Evangelistic Association

Wisdom Gold

By Dick Biggs & Scott Foster

Based on "The Five Tiers Of Agency Leadership", this book will help an agency reach its full potential by serving customers more diversely and deeply in the critical areas of insurance and financial services. Note: Leaders in other professions say these priceless principles have helped them grow their organizations.

Price: $25 postpaid. Bulk pricing is available for ten+ copies.

“I’ve read scores of leadership books, but only three have addressed the specific opportunities and challenges of building an exceptional, productive multiline insurance agency. Hands down, yours is the most informative, inspiring and complete.”

–Gary Welch, Gary Welch Insurance Agency, Peoria, Illinois

Leading Your Insurance Agency To Greatness

“You will be the same in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

–Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Life Is Tremendous


By Dick Biggs

This booklet provides an overview of the author’s yearlong mentoring curriculum. You’ll be introduced to the four lifetime benchmarks of master mentors; and twelve monthly lessons for proactive protégés.

Price: $8 postpaid.

“Dick Biggs spent a year partnering with us on our mentoring program and he was awesome. He challenged protégés and mentors at each monthly session and produced a comfortable learning environment. It was our best program ever!”

–Sandra Young, Senior Vice President, SunTrust Bank


Maximize Your Moments With The Masters  

By Dick Biggs

Discover how to balance the work you need with the life you lead from someone who learned many valuable lessons after burning out spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Price: $20 postpaid. Bulk pricing is available for ten+ copies.

“I urge you to read this book from cover to cover. Take notes. Develop action plans. Most importantly, make a vow to implement any changes starting right now.”

–John Maxwell, leadership expert and best-selling author

By Dick Biggs

Now in its third printing, this book offers a systematic way to go beyond professional success to personal happiness. The formula:

Be > Think > Do > Have, not Have > Think > Do > Be.

Price: $20 postpaid. Bulk pricing is available for ten+ copies.

“I know Dick Biggs well enough to assure you that he has not written this book out of theory or secondhand experience. He has hammered out these principles on the anvil of his own successes and failures, and what you read is what he is. Dick knows whereof he writes.”

–Dr. Ken Boa, founder, Reflection Ministries


If Life Is A Balancing Act, Why Am I So Darn Clumsy?

Burn Brightly Without Burning Out

A speaking & training resource to ensure extraordinary meetings

The Common Denominator Of Success

Be Intentional Today

Chronicles Of A Career Communicator

Whether you speak at work or within your community, Dick's handy resource will help you be a memorable messenger; deliver meaningful messages; make meetings livelier; turn books into published realities; and appreciate why words have meaning and can make a difference in someone's life.

Price: $20 postpaid. Bulk pricing is available for ten+ copies.

By Albert E. N. Gray

This little pamphlet is a classic work on the development of self-discipline and formation of good habits. It was first delivered as a speech by Mr. Gray, a Prudential Insurance Company executive, at the 1940 National Association Of Life Underwriters (NALU) convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Price: $5 postpaid.

When people ask Dick how they can become more self-disciplined, he tells them to read this pamphlet periodically from cover to cover. Dick has carried these timeless truths in his daily calendar since 1974. He credits Mr. Gray’s priceless advice for playing a key role in whatever success he has achieved.

By Dick Biggs

It takes a burning sense of urgency to go beyond intentions to implementation. Be a realist. Embrace intentionality in these seven major areas of your life - faith, loved ones, master mentors, community, career, finances and health - and make today count for something worthwhile.

Price: $15 postpaid. Bulk pricing is available for ten+ copies.

"This is not a big book in terms of pages, but it is HUGE in terms of its message. Whether you're a young adult or retired senior, this book is applicable to all of us and could change your life for the better!"

-Col. Dick Dillon, Retired Lucent Technologies Leader and US Army Veteran