For thirty-eight years and counting, Dick has delivered hundreds of keynotes and seminars on leadership, mentoring, teamwork and work/life balance  to a diverse clientele in all fifty states and several foreign nations.

The Professional Speaker

Dick established D. Biggs Corporation dba Biggs Optimal Living Dynamics (BOLD!) in 1982 on little cash ($2,000) and lots of enthusiasm.

The Small Business Owner

“Dick Biggs and I have been friends since 1989. We’ve shared the platform many times and coauthored Leading Your Insurance Agency To Greatness. Dick has conducted training sessions for my team and I’ve referred him to other people. A student of the agency distribution system, Dick is an expert on sharing systems that lead to successful multiline agencies. You can rely on Dick to deliver relevant, results-oriented programs. In short, he’s the consummate professional!”

–Scott Foster, Scott Foster Insurance Agency, Conyers, Georgia

About Dick Biggs

A speaking & training resource to ensure extraordinary meetings

Go with a proven professional since 1982…go with Dick Biggs!

The Person

Dick spent a summer as a sports writing intern for The Atlanta Constitution; and a year as an Associated Press (AP) staff writer. He covered the first Naismith Award winner (1969) and cherishes the original teletype story and photo with UCLA basketball legend Lew Alcindor aka NBA Hall-of-Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 

The Sales Professional

A past president of the National Speakers Association-Georgia, Dick is a recipient of the “Kay Herman Legacy Award,” this chapter’s most prestigious accolade.

Dick is a cofounder and president of the Chattahoochee Road Runners, the second largest running club in Georgia.

Dick received the Road Runners Club of America “National Volunteer Award” for two thousand hours of volunteer time in support of the running community.

Dick is a small group leader at Browns Bridge Church, one of six metro Atlanta campuses of North Point Ministries led by Andy Stanley. Previously, Dick was a Sunday school teacher for fifteen years. Additionally, he has served on fifteen teams for Walk To Emmaus, a three-day Christian retreat.

Dick mentored Scotty Cole, a student in his community, from the first grade through his high school graduation in 2012.

Dick participated in the “Watch Dog” program for grandfathers at Palmer Middle School in Kennesaw, Georgia, where he attended classes periodically with grandson Jackson for three years.

The U.S. Marine 

The Author

  • He’s a consummate professional. Dick has been making meeting planners look good since 1982.
  • He’s easy to work with. Dick understands that the message is more important than the messenger, so he doesn’t make difficult demands.
  • He’s trustworthy. Dick will deliver as promised – no unpleasant surprises, embarrassing moments or reasons to worry.
  • He’s dependable. Dick has never missed a meeting or showed up late. He likes to arrive early and you can count on him to finish promptly.
  • He does his homework. Dick strives to customize his programs to your specific needs, unique challenges and desired results.
  • He’s versatile. Dick is comfortable delivering an inspirational keynote, conducting a high-content seminar or facilitating an important meeting.
  • He serves a diverse clientele. Dick has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government agencies, trade associations, educational institutions and charitable organizations.
  • He gets results. Dick helps people overcome "The Greatest Gap In Life" © - the one between knowing and doing!
  • He provides testimonials and references upon demand. You’ll find a sampling of Dick’s rave reviews on this website.
  • He values relationships. Dick knows that repeat business and referrals require cultivation - and it’s a big reason why he’s now in his fourth decade as a small business owner.

At East Atlanta High School in Atlanta, Georgia, Dick was newspaper editor, class graduation speaker, and recipient of the “Atlanta Quarterback Club Award” for outstanding academic and athletic achievement.

Dick spent thirteen years in sales/sales management. He finished at the top of his six-month Sales Training, Inc. class with a 98.5 average. During his prolific sales career, he received numerous achievement awards, including the “Clemens-Pender Award" – the highest honor conferred by the National Vehicle Leasing Association – for his tireless advocacy to get a “truth in leasing” law enacted.

  • Dick is very prompt about returning messages. To reach him quickly, call or text 770-262-0340 (cell).
  • Dick will talk to you by telephone (or in person if you’re in the north Georgia area) to discuss your specific meeting needs and desired results.
  • Dick will send a simple one-page Speaker Agreement with all of the important engagement details.
  • Dick will do his homework to learn about your organization. He’ll inquire about your program theme and other speakers. He’ll ask about your desired program balance i.e., percentage of content, humor, inspiration, interaction and so forth. Depending upon the amount of time for preparation, he’ll do everything possible to customize his message for your organization.
  • Dick will prepare a handout and send the master well in advance so you can duplicate as needed. He won’t read a boring “I know you can’t see this” PowerPoint presentation that participants can peruse in their free time.
  • Dick’s meeting room requirements are simple and inexpensive – wireless microphone and prop table.
  • Dick will stay in touch by telephone and email between the time he’s hired and the date of the engagement.
  • Dick’s will provide his program introduction.
  • Dick will let you know when he arrives at the meeting site. He’ll get the proper amount of sleep prior to the program to ensure that maximal energy and enthusiasm is brought to the platform.
  • Dick will arrive early on the date of the engagement to check out the meeting room, test equipment, distribute materials, greet program participants and so forth.
  • Dick likes to begin a program on time because a late start penalizes the people who arrive promptly. He’ll end his presentation when you stipulate even if it’s less time than originally scheduled.
  • Dick will never use foul language, tell dirty jokes, embarrass audience members or do anything else that’s unprofessional.
  • Dick will never use any of his allotted presentation time to sell resources from the platform. However, he sometimes gives away his resources for audience participation.
  • If you choose to make Dick’s resources available to your program participants, you can: (1) Buy for each attendee at special bulk rates and your order will be shipped in advance. (2) Provide a back-of-the-room display area where attendees can purchase these resources prior to the meeting, during breaks or after the meeting.
  • Except for unavoidable travel circumstances, Dick will stay after the program to talk with participants, autograph books and so forth.
  • Dick will follow-up after the meeting and keep in touch periodically via email or telephone.
  • Dick will never make unusual or expensive travel demands such as first-class airfare, luxury hotel suites and limo service. He’ll treat your organization’s money like it was his own. After the program, he’ll forward an invoice and all travel receipts for reimbursement. Travel expenses include coach roundtrip airfare (or, if feasible, driving at fifty-seven cents per mile), lodging, meals, ground transportation and Atlanta Airport parking.

The Volunteer

The Journalist

Hiring Dick Biggs – His Promises To You

The High School Student-Athlete

After boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina and combat training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Dick was an administrative clerk in Norfolk, Virginia and Parris Island. He graduated from Marine Security Guard School in Arlington, Virginia and served on the security team of Secretary of State Dean Rusk at the United Nations in New York City; and as a Marine sergeant on the elite security guard program at the American embassies in Warsaw, Poland and Rome, Italy.

Top Ten Reasons To Hire Dick Biggs

Dick has written six books: If Life Is A Balancing Act, Why Am I So Darn Clumsy?...Burn Brightly Without Burning Out…Wisdom Gold…Leading Your Insurance Agency To Greatness with coauthor Scott Foster…Be Intentional Today  and Chronicles Of A Career Communicator. He’s also the creator of Maximize Your Moments With The Masters, a comprehensive mentoring curriculum.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say;
fools speak because they have to say something.”




Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Dick lived in Baltimore, Maryland, Weirton, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland until his parents – Salvation Army officers for twenty years – were transferred to Atlanta, Georgia.

Dick and Judy married in 1984 and they reside on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta, Georgia. They have two grown daughters (Rebecca and Tara), a son-in-law (Bo) and grandson (Jackson), a college freshman.

Participating in more than two hundred road races, Dick has finished seven marathons, thirteen half-marathons and thirty Peachtree Road Races. He now runs about fifteen miles every week and works out on Nautilus three times weekly.

Dick enjoys solving crossword puzzles, playing Scrabble, reading, rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs and listening to harmonious doo wop oldies.