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“What I most need is someone or something to get me to do what I
Already know how to do and what I’ve already said I wanted to do.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Speaker & Author DICK BIGGS

Please contact Dick Biggs to discuss your specific needs and desired results at:
770-886-3035 (Office) * 770-262-0340 (Cell)


Biggs Optimal Living Dynamics (BOLD!)

9615 Settlers Lane, Gainesville, Georgia 30506

Dick Biggs is "The A-Line-Ment Specialist" because he helps organizations boost bottom line profits and better the top line – people and their productivity. Fact: You can’t have sustainable profits without great people; and you can’t retain great people without sustainable profits.

Since establishing
BOLD! In 1982, Dick has served clients in all fifty states and several foreign nations. Whether it’s through an enthusiastic keynote, educational seminar or enlightening resource, Dick loves sharing his expertise on four core topics – leadership, mentoring, teamwork and work/life balance.

Because Dick knows a powerful presentation or provocative book can impact someone’s thoughts or actions, he accepts every opportunity with a deep sense of responsibility and resolve. Dick desires to be the someone who says the something that enables the people of your organization to cross "The Greatest Gap In Life" © – the one between knowing and doing. Are you making excuses or executing?

Dick strives to customize every program. You won’t get smoke and mirrors, rah-rah or manipulation from this speaker. What Dick delivers is a believable blend of high content, humor, inspirational stories, interaction, and a call to action.

If you’re looking for someone who’s easy to work with, someone who prepares meticulously for every program, someone who’s results-oriented, and someone who enjoys helping people reach their full potential personally and professionally, Dick Biggs is your man. To learn more, check out the “Top Ten Reasons To Hire Dick Biggs” and “Hiring Dick Biggs – His Promises To You.”

Make your next meeting merry, meaningful and memorable by going with a proven professional since 1982. Go with Dick Biggs, a patriot who served his nation as a Marine sergeant, and a platform veteran who now serves his clients with the same drive, dedication and diligence.